About Me

I’m Jenn, and I’m terrible at introductions.

I have been cooking since I could utter the words Crèmè de la Crèmè à la Edgar…which now that I think about it, probably sounded more like Crèmè de la Crèmè Escargot. I grew up in a family who loves to cook. To keep me entertained, my grandparents would graciously allow me to mix random ingredients to make a meal similar to the conniving butler in my favorite childhood movie, the Aristocats. Thankfully, my concoctions were not poisoned – and even better, no one was forced to eat them.

Over the years, I have learned to turn those weird first dishes into random meals that people seem to enjoy. I love cooking, but I hate following recipes.

The idea for the Holy Aioli came about after I began making a real effort to care for my body. While the health foods community is slam full of recipes for fad diets like Keto, there aren’t quite as many out there for more specialized diets – like Paleo or the Autoimmune Paleo (Protocol) Diet (AIP). For health reasons, I try to stick to Paleo and AIP meals. For sanity reasons, I occasionally slip up and eat pizza.

My hope is that you will be able to try new dishes, find inspiration for creating your own recipes, and learn a thing or two about a thing or two while you are here.